With July 4th just days away, I thought it would be fun to do a cooking project with the boys. After some brain-storming, Star-Spangled Banana Muffins seemed like the perfect recipe to add to our list of to-dos this week. The awesome folks at Welch’s Fruit Snacks helped …read more[…]

Star Spangled Banana Muffins

Well, it finally happened. Disney Finally talked Steven Spielberg into directing a film for them. BFG was worth the wait! The kids and I went to an early showing not really knowing what to expect. We loved every minute of it! This was a very family friendly movie that will[…]


Do you Netflix? Do you bro?Where do you do it? We’d like to know.I do, I do! I watch it here, I watch it there.I watch it pretty much everywhere.I will watch it while in a JeepI often watch it while the wife is asleepI watch it on inclines …read[…]

I Will Watch Netflix Anywhere