I’ve never thought much a Kia. When the Sephia and Sportage came out in 1994, they were a joke. It definitely showed in the J.D. Power initial quality rankings for that year. Kia was dead last in initial quality. As far as grabbing someone’s attention, Kia wasn’t even on the[…]

When You're Kia, You're Family

The post Preview 80s Voltron VS 2010s Voltron appeared first on PlaidDadBlog.com. We preview our Retro VS Contemporary showdown: 80s Voltron VS 2010s Voltron. This week we were challenged by Chris Lewis of DadOfDivas.com and DadSpotlight.com to watch Voltron VS Voltron. We also re-cap our previous episode where we watched[…]

Preview 80s Voltron VS 2010s Voltron

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Rogaine for this promotion. This post contains sponsored links. Hey Joel, It’s me, you! I’m sending you this message from about 20 years in your future. Don’t panic. Life is great. There were some rough patches along the way, but things[…]

A Letter From My Future Self